Universal Spiritual Laws part 1

The Spiritual Laws are split into four categories, the first being: ‘The Basic Laws of Life’: The Law of Attraction The Law of Request The Law of Resistance The Law of Reflection  The Law of Projection  The Law of Attachment  The second set of Universal Spiritual Laws are ‘The Laws of Creation’: The Law of Attention […]

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Numerology <3

Take Your Free Numerology Test Casey Winston Ellis Numerology Report 09/13/1992 Birth Time: 11:23 pm Place: Washington D.C. Your Life Path Number is 7 Your Life Path Number represents the path you should take through life and the talents and skills you have to make your journey a rewarding one. The Life Path of a […]

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Decalcify your Pineal Gland ;) tools for anyone and everyone! 💗

Travel deep into the center of your brain, and you’ll find a pinecone-shaped gland. The size of only a grain of rice, this tiny gland plays an essential role in how we sleep, perform, make decisions, and perceive reality. A healthy-functioning pineal is essential for psychological development, peak performance, and spiritual awakening. In this guide—part […]

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Pure love intentions & pure emotional passionate energy healing.

When you shrink down into “small” you shift gravity inside and outside too. You pull forth that which validates your feelings/beliefs in every moment. When you feel yourself “going small”, then you can expand your energy yourself. This will shift the GRAVITATIONAL PULL of energy transmitting out from inside of you. • GRAVITATIONAL FORCE is […]

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Edgar Cayce

The idea of an alien life form that has been visiting Earth from Arcturus is frequently associated with the writings of Edgar Cayce. According to Cayce, the Arcturians are a ‘fifth-dimensional‘ life-form. They are highly advanced both technologically & spiritually. Since his early writing of this Race of Aliens, Edgar Cayce has been referred to […]

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DarkSelf & LightSelf

“We are thrown into the ocean with bricks tied to our feet and we sink to the very bottom where there is no light not even the fish that have lights literally implanted into them lol and we have to untie these bricks and find our way through the dark trenches and meet mysterious creatures […]

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