Water is conscious about you

Starting with the understanding that, we all are aware of the fact that our body is 70% of water content. The instruction for taking water regularly, taking minimum amount of required water content are common. Knowingly or unknowingly, with or without a great deal of attention we all intake it. Because we all are aware from our knowledge, society and basic study that water is life. We can even consider it as bliss. Humanity started near the water bodies, may it be the great Mahenjodaro or be it the modern Amsterdam. According to science, the first life in this planet is a water body which is also found to be mentioned in many religions. So what is so elementary yet lively in water, so that it is a source as well as a energy to life. Have we ever given much intelligence towards this primary requirement of our life?

With the advanced society with all available advanced equipment also we were not able to quantify the nature fully. There are still many things present which is a miracle, which science has not been able to understand completely yet and research is still going widely. Same thing is with the water. No doubt we have known water far better than our earlier generations but is that what water only is? If water is also just an element like others, why is the fact that water is the first requirement for life? We all experience there are infact many natural things which wonder us. Simple things like, visiting a mountain, visiting a favorite place etc. Some places have energy that makes us feel more.

Science decribes everything as vibration and each and other thing vibrates or resonates in diferent energies or frequencies which is specific to them, so we actually identify difference due to different vibrations we receive from them. So what if our emotions are also some kind of energies? Anger, love, gratitude all radiating diffrent energies. Same as from the energies we recognise a object we recognize an emotion also. Then comes the fact that when energies interact there must be some effect. So can you now think of what it is like if your emotions effect the water we take? Why water, because we know water is our lifeline so I will talk about the water although every other object may also be effected by our thoughts and emotions.

This article is motivated from the work of scientist Masaru Emoto from Japan who studied the effect of different energies on water by a very interesting method. He is Doctor of Alternative Science who later in his life started the quest of discovering the mystery of water. According to him ‘The human body is essentially water, and consiousness is the soul.’ Water is one of the first requirement for a life, so we try to find the availability of water first in other cosmic places in the search of alien life. He believes as water is where the first life started and still it is the same, there is a memory in water that keeps on transferring to next generations which started from the very first life. He says this because of the fact that we do not inherit or learn everything due to our DNA, there is some other forces making the next generation already able for life. Simply we can say water has the capability of remembering, acting and reacting according to its environment. The same water if you keep in two different conditions it will be diffrent and its offerings will be different.

The well known ‘Homeopathy’ treatment is understood to work due to this same reason that water can remember. In homeopathy the dose is diluted to such level that there is no trace of the dose in your medicine solution. The dose which was present is rembered by water, its properties, its energy and its characteristics. The term ‘Water memory’ was first reported by a well-known scientist Dr. Jaques Benveniste in 1980s. He is a renowned biologist of that time and also been considered as a candidate for Novel prize. But he died in 2004 by defending his controversial theory against radical opponents. It immediately sparked a scientific controversy when he first proposed the theory. Now 30 years later also the theory is a red hot issue. Professor Luc Montagnier, joint recipient of 2008 Novel prize of physiology for discovery of HIV took over the torch of Water memory after Benveniste. Driven by his curiosity he applied the technologies of Benveniste on his own research and suceeded to give a scientific proof. But the method of Dr. Masaru Emoto is very different. He proved the fact that water reactes to its environment by crystallizing the water and taking its photograph. He has explained his procedures and thought thoroughly in his book ‘The Hidden Messages of Water.’

From his research he had shown that the water from same source behaves drastically different even from our emotions. As I mentioned before the interaction of different energies. So when our different emotions (diffrent energies) interact with the energy of water the water reacts differently reflecting different forms of crystals (see figure [1]). He also demonstrated the water crystals from different containers with different words written on it. (See figure [2])

Like the above experiments he has done many different experiments on effect of different places, effect of prayer, effect of different type of music, which can be found from his books, which I have given the titles in the last of this article with some other references where you can find the videos of his experiments. After a wide success of his findings, he says in one of his books ‘I think that when a person looks at the photographs of water crystals, a physical change takes place in the water within that person’s body. Water has a message for the world: The world is linked together by love and gratitide.’ He mentions love and gratitute because the crystals formed from these feeling are the best and among these gratitute has the most buestiful crystal (See Figure [3]) so as a conclusion he advices all to have gratitude towards water. Rather than just in taking the water, we should have a feeling of gratification each time we come across, then the water reacts in his best way due to the radiation of gratification energy from us. In turn it forms beautifully and no doubt that, if the water behaves beautifully we will also act in our best possible way because all we know the fact that I started this article with ‘Almost 70% of aour body is water.

So next time you get touch with the water realize that it is not just a chemical combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen rather is one of the oldest element known and the life we are living is only possible because it gave life the chance to evolve and still providing the billion years old memories to us making more and more intelligence versions of life.

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