The Empath Mirror Effect


Living as an empath is a tricky thing to navigate; you may feel the emotions of others but are often left out in the cold or seen as an easy target. For empaths who are just coming to terms with their empathy these two situations will pop up constantly. You may meet someone and they instantly take a disliking to you, for seemingly no reason. You may enter a relationship only to find your partner starts to lash out or manipulate you, getting angry when you do not respond the way they want. This is what I like to refer to as the empath mirror effect. For a lot of people meeting an empath is incredibly unsettling; they do not know how to navigate a relationship with you just as you may find it difficult to navigate your own empathy.


The Leaky Aura

There are conscious and unconscious empaths as most of you already know this. An unconscious empath is one who hasn’t learned to develop their empathy and so they allow it to easily mislead them into self doubt and manipulation. In this way unconscious empaths are a major target for narcissists and abusers. We have one group of people who survive by putting their needs first and another group who survive by placing their needs last. The unconscious empath’s aura is dull and filled with holes. They take on the emotions of others unconsciously, because they’re unaware of how to protect and clear their energy field. An unconscious empath becomes like a sponge, soaking up the emotions of everyone around them. They can go around feeling tired, anxious even angry without realizing these emotions are not their own.

The Mirror Effect

On the other hand a conscious empath understands that they can choose which energies to allow into their field, and so they become like mirrors reflecting a person’s emotions back to them. The conscious empath’s aura is no longer scattered or filled with holes but coherent like a body of water. When a conscious empath comes into contact with a new person and they show an instant disliking, it is often this reflection that they are taking a disliking too. Think of your aura like a calm body of water which is reflecting back any wounds that person hasn’t addressed. Conscious empaths are also extremely difficult to lie to or manipulate as they have learned to observe themselves, their thoughts, and their emotions with a keen eye. When someone lies to them they can feel it as a sharp jab in the gut or as an disconcerted energy. When someone is faced with either their own reflection or someone they cannot easily manipulate this causes them to lash out. It could be as simple as avoiding you, or as harsh as spreading gossips and lies about you.


It’s at this point that an empath may feel a great sense of loneliness in a world full of people who are hiding from their truth selves. If you’re an empath experiencing this type of loneliness, delve deep into it. Allow it to sting you for a bit and refine your being. As you connect with the inner wholeness within you, you will begin to see that in others. Knowing that settling for superficial and unfulfilling relationships (however comforting they may feel at the time) will not serve you, opens you up to attract high vibe connections.

Tuning Into Your Empathic Power

The transition from an unconscious to conscious empath starts by noticing the ways you give your power away. Bring yourself to a mind space where you will notice when you give your power away, where an unsavory interaction will instantly strike you as off even if you cannot put your finger on the reason at that moment.


The more aware we become of the ways we give our power away through limiting beliefs, habits and patterns, the easier it is to see this represented in our relationships. Pay attention to how you put others first in order to avoid tending to your own needs. Learn to find strength in your sensitivity by observing yourself and the way you manage emotionally tense situations with a keen eye. Clear your aura each day, feeling through your energy body and pinpointing spots that need healing. Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up for the ways you’ve been manipulated in the past, you know better now. Take these interactions as lessons for future interactions. If you would like to learn more about how to develop your empathic abilities, protect your energy and strengthen your aura, contact me privately. Thank You.


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