Go in the 3y3 of the storm;

This is what’s happening…the cards of energy are being super shuffled right now. This is for your own within, so everything you once held deeply inside and even though we’ve literally gone through the transmutation process like millions of times in the past year and a half, well it’s time to really let go of it now.


Geo Storms, Solar Flares and another stream of high energy charged particles are currently arriving from the Sun, providing a further blow ouy of Solar Radiation which enters Earth’s upper atmosphere, producing heat friction through plasma production and creating electro-magnetic pulses, that may potentially interfer with radio and satellite signals. So if your hyper sensitive your gonna be feeling an intense pressure and your circadian rhythm will be off. Geomagnetic storms and High solar wind. This is creating: extreme fatigue, tingles & vibrations on the body, sleep issues, bizarre dreams, blissful feelings coming in intermittently. It is time to start to make the move out of inauthenticity and into becoming completely authentic. ALL MASKS OFF!


 How we do this? By surrounding ourselves with authentic people and not clinging to our OLD ways that just don’t serve our purpose anymore. We must embrace NEW ways now. We must be prepared to let go of what has not led to progress in the past, by holding in emotions and trauma, and not dealing with these deep seeded issues. This is not through discernment but through psychic development which EVERYONE has the ability to do so. We must embrace all things psychic and look for our own authentic psychic powers. Listen to those that have them and learn from them, that will help you excell faster. Real Information comes from out of this dimension, through tuning WITHIN psychically. Everyone has the power to develop this gift, it’s a matter of continually searching for Truth and discarding all that is not. This is the way to evolve and move through the Ascension process in a nice zero point field like state.



   Ionization of the atmosphere creates an excited electrical magnetic state which passes down through the atmospheric layers leading to a higher density of energized electron particles which acquire the role of free radicals within the human energetic systems. This creates temporary overload on the myelin sheathing of the bodies nervous system whilst the cells atomic structures change their electron positions to find other positions on the valence bands giving off photons in the process. A substantial reduction in the incidental consumption of heavy metals and toxic contaminants and increase in a diet of anti-oxidant food groups will be essential to combat this process. The subsequent change from an electron charged electrical nervous system to a chromophore based light transfer system provides faster speeds and greater variance of communication abilities. This takes place between the consciousness and the individual cells within the body while their mitochondria switches from glucose based feeding systems, to the photon based energy charged of your Light Body or Merkabah which is capable of sustaining the higher vibrational frequencies of a Fifth Dimensional expanded consciousness.


        —-Hang in there try to center and just know… this too shall pass. 


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