Storms & Alchemy

Many people are not aware of this but rainwater is an extremely powerful element, as it has been charged with the energy and momentum of this massive storm that just continues to grow larger and larger. This is based on the belief that the storm water is symbolic of a powerful force and has probably even inherited some, if not a lot, of the storms natural energy. This makes it the perfect ingredient for several different types of magickal work that needs to produce strong, pronounced results.   

So, How Do You Use Storm Water In Your Magickal Work? 

Storm water can be used in an endless amount of ways.  It can be used to do everything from simply giving more power to any given work, all the way to the more extremely beautiful power, But keep in mind that, ultimately, you are dealing with a very wild, raw, chaotic energy when you use storm water in your work. Because of this reason, you need to make sure that whatever work you are doing, and remain focused on your goal while working with it. Not all storm waters are created equal, though. Some storms ravage and completely destroy all in their path, while others are calm and bring much-needed rainfall to dry lands. Storms, like everything else in nature, they are balanced due to their duality. Therefore, what storm water you need will depend entirely on what you are trying to achieve with your magickal work.  

To break it down a bit and make it easier to understand, I’ve outlined a few of the more common or basic ways that storm water of various kinds can be used: 

  • Calm Storm– Water collected from light or calmer storms is best used for magickal work focused on easing emotional issues, encouraging peaceful sleep, and anything that requires calming energy to be used. 
  • Thunderstorm – Water collected during a thunderstorm is good as an all-around power booster. It can be added to just about any kind of work you are doing, as it is of a fairly neutral energy. When your work simply needs to pack a punch, this will get the job done. Also, can be used as an additive to protection work. 
  • Hurricane / Tornado – Water collected during a hurricane or a tornado is best used in darker magick. Its energy is more in line with works that are focused on things like revenge, manipulation, control, and confusion. 

Remember, these are just a few of the more common purposes that you can use certain kinds of storm water for but it is by no means the only ways to use it. But these should be enough food for thought to help you get inventive and start testing the waters, so to speak.

Having an overabundance of storm water should never be a problem. You don’t need to keep gallons of it on hand. As a matter of fact, I only keep a couple of mason jars of storm water on my shelf. One of these is just the water I have collected from huge, powerful storms. 

The other is a jar of rain water from lighter or more soothing rainfalls that pass over on occasion. You can store your water in any container you prefer. It does not have to be a mason jar, that’s just what I like to keep mine in. And how much you collect and store is also completely up to you and your needs.  Here is where things get really neat…

  • Storm water can be seen as being drops of raw, condensed energy infused water. What this means is that you have a highly concentrated ingredient that you can now dilute into much larger containers of water, thereby transferring some of that energy to the rest of the water in the jar. Theoretically, just a few drops could be all you would ever need.

Keep in mind, the more you dilute the water, the more you decrease the potency.

Storm water is one extremely powerful element that can really increase the power of your magickal work. It is versatile, plentiful, and best of all, easy to obtain.  Just grab a jar and stick it outside during a storm, it’s seriously that simple. But remember, don’t let its simplicity fool you, storm water can be one of the most powerful ingredients in your magickal arsenal if used correctly. On the same hand, it can also be devastating if handled carelessly. 

I hope I’ve given you enough knowledge to help get you thinking of ways to put this natural energy source to use in your work. Use this basic knowledge to experiment and further build your repertoire of magickal tools.


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