Energy Report virgo full moon

We feel major change is here. And with change comes the chaos… There is no going back to the old ways old beliefs old systems. They made you automatically brain wash slaved to the system for a reason. I feel like most will finally start realizing (allowing ) yourself to step into this new energy wave and also practice within and allow your guides to show you the mastery. When you allow your heart to lead you; your opening up that frequency. I am you and you are me! Then you will be more understanding that life is lessons and opportunities ;choices. You create your own reality! So do it.
Some May Be not so trusting of the heart consciousness and decide to over question it until it just becomes the outcome you didn’t want in the first place. So if you play your wild card … desires will manifest into your life in divine timing.
Wild card simply means … I don’t give a fuck I will do what I want if I believe unicorns exist damn straight when I find it I’ll be showing it not out of ego but out of believing in something so passionately thAt it just shows up! Manifest the miracles you desire to appear in your life now. You have all it takes ; trust your heart it knows before you can even really start to question it. Trust your intuition. The energy is moving fast so keep your thoughts extremely positive and switch any type of negative form thought to a positive as much as possible, so let go of worries and trust you are a creator. 🦋

Don’t allow others to cloud your mental.

They feed off your energy when you allow it.

All the realms are working with us all.
So unleash your bad ass self… and allow yourself to shine!

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