Ways to clear your energy

Do you ever feel angry or irritable for no reason? Do you sometimes feel not quite like yourself? Or maybe you just feel that there’s something funky around you. Maybe you had a stupid spat about whether you asked for soy or almond milk with your local barista, and so he or she threw some negative energy in your space.

And now that weirdness is on you somehow. Whatever happened, you may have picked up some type of energy that just doesn’t mix well with you…

Why It’s Important to Clear Your Energy

Clearing your energy is the first step to having healthy energetic boundaries and having authentic presence. It’s very, very easy to pick up other people’s energies. This is especially so, if you’re an empath or considered highly sensitive. But we are all clairsentient (have the ability to feel others’ emotions) to some capacity. There is a constant exchange of energy, which is a part of life. There is a lot of beauty in this exchange. So it’s not all bad. But at some point, you want to come home to yourself. Having others’ energy in your space can affect our intuition and ability to hear our own inner voice clearly.

 Quick Ways to Clear Your Energy

Meditation is a must in thorough energy clearing. But if you can’t meditate and just need a quick fix to clear some bad mojo here are a few ways you can clear your energy and field.

1) Sage Smudging

Sage is the main go-to tool when it comes to clearing and purifying negative energy.

> If you’ve never heard of sage, it’s a sacred plant to the Native Americans have been using for a long time to clear and purify negative energy. White sage is the type they use in particular. They come in dried bundled sticks that you burn and big pillows of smoke emerge. Although White Sage is the most popular, there are many different types of sage, including the culinary kind that you buy at the supermarket. You can use these too, although it’s not quite as potent as White Sage, but a great way to use up leftover sage from Thanksgiving. I’ve taken leftover sage and tied them up and left them hanging to dry. Sage can also be used to clear energy in your home or any space that seems like it needs a good clearing.

 When to use Sage:

-Burn sage before you meditate to set your space and room as your sacred meditation space
-Sage is the best method for clearing a large space like your home or office.
-Sage is the harshest energy clearer of my recommendations. The smoke from Sage seems to find where it needs to go to clear what shouldn’t be there. It’s like the brillo pad or bleach of energy clearing. Use it for heavy duty energy clearing!

 How to use Sage:

On yourself: Simply light the tip of the entire bundle on fire a bit then blow out the flames and let the tips smolder. Swirl the smoke around yourself all around – don’t forget the back! There’s really no wrong way to do it though, because again, sage goes where it needs it. 

In your home or other space: Light the tip on fire and walk around the space letting the smoke get it into all of the corners of your space. Set an intention for any space you do not want to be driven out by the sage’s smoke. You may even say out loud, “I release any energy that does not resonate within me for my highest good anymore!” as you smudge.

2) Palo Santo

Palo Santo is similar to sage in that it’s a sacred plant that you burn. The indigenous people of South America used it to clear energy with medicinal and spiritual healing properties. Palo Santo literally means “Holy Wood” with good reason.  Palo Santo has a more pleasant, almost minty refreshing fragrance, which can sometimes make it more preferable over sage. I also find energy clearing with palo santo to be more gentle. Where as sage is a brillo pad, palo santo is like a soft sponge – much more delicate. 

 When to Use Palo Santo:

-Burn palo santo before you meditate to set your space and room as your sacred meditation space
-When you need a quick clearing after you’ve come home

How to Use Palo Santo:

Ignite the tip and let it burn the stick a bit. Blow out the flames and let it smolder. Swirl the smoke / stick around yourself.

Should I use Sage or Palo Santo?

Palo Santo for pre-meditation clearing as it’s scent is more pleasant and has a more gentle “scrub” on my aura. For home or space clearing, Sage is definitely the better choice. You can even use both to see what works for you.

3) Sea Salt Scrub 

Salt is a strong energy neutralizer – another one of nature’s gift to humans and all of earth’s creatures to purify and cleanse. If you’re into crystals, you may know that salt is a great way to clear and re-invigorate just about any crystal. Interestingly, salt is a crystal itself! So it stands to reason that salt would be such a powerful healer.

Salt scrubs are not only great for exfoliating skin, it’s also an amazing aura cleanser, (especially if you’re like me who doesn’t have a good soaking tub. If you do, try a salt water bath.) If not, then a salt scrub in the shower is a great alternative. All that salt goes directly on the skin – soaking up any energy that’s not yours into the salt. It feels so good to wash it all away. 

When choosing a scrub, go for sea salt or Himalayan salt, Dead Sea Salt, & Epsom salt!

When to Use Sea Salt Scrub:

-Salt scrub is a great “maintenance” energy cleanser for regular use

-Use once a week to every few days as the exfoliating effects may be too much on the skin. 

How to use it Sea Salt Scrub:

-In the shower, scoop scrub into the palm and spread throughout your entire body and rinse.

-Alternately, if you don’t like the exfoliation of the scrub, you can also use a large bowl of water. Melt salt and poor over your body.

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