How to help enhance your intuition & spot manipulation games.


We have all been fooled at one time or another by manipulative behaviors. Sometimes it is so subtle, you can’t see it coming until it is too late. When you feel its influence in your life, know you are not failing at your inner work. Remember when another tries to control you in order to suit their needs, it is a reflection of their lower energy and not your own.

Every living organism, including plants and cells, has intuition. It’s hardwired into our DNA blueprints as a means of surviving and thriving on this planet. While we may lose access to certain senses or abilities, losing our intuition is next to impossible. It is an inseparable part of our soul. There was a time in human history when our intuition was ALL – it guided us away from danger, towards food sources, helped us to learn to communicate with each other, and make sense of the world around us. As human systems of language, religion, politics, culture, and economics developed, we began to rely more and more on what we were told, as opposed to listening to the guiding voice within. 

Manipulative behavior is found in chaotic situations and is often used to divert attention away from the real issue. There will be times when you feel frustrated because you see what is going on yet no one else gets it. Just because no one else sees it, does not mean it isn’t happening. Trust your instincts.

Do you know the signs of manipulative behaviors?

Power– Where there is power, look for manipulations. You are being influenced every single day. No, not me, you say! How many times have you bought a product that you saw online or on TV that was hyped and it frankly sucked? News and advertisements are two outlets that work to manipulate your emotions. The most popular emotion is fear; how many products are on the market because of our fear of aging or death?

That is too good to be true! The song, Little lies from Fleetwood Mack plays in my head as I write this,”Tell me lies Tell me sweet little lies.” When you are feeling vulnerable, you are more susceptible to this. It is understandable that when you are in pain that you want to hear the good. Sometimes in this state, you ignore your better judgment knowing in the end, whatever is promised is not going to be delivered upon. Watch for this one in the upcoming months as there will be an increase with these lies during the political season.

Guilt trips Woe is me! When someone acts like a victim, it is a manipulative invitation to help or rescue them. Do not do for others what they can do for themselves. Other guilt trips can be uncomfortable sojourns in which the person goes radio silent and there is no communication at all. Some will threaten themselves with harm or others, in these instances contact the police and your local mental health crisis center.

Oh, you sweet talker! This person tries to make a connection with you before it has authentically developed. For example; calling you a friend upon first meeting you, telling you what they think you want to hear; you are so smart, so beautiful etc.


The most common block people run into when developing their intuition is this: self-doubt. In order to unblock your intuition, you need to be willing to take the risk and trust yourself. Your intuition will always be positive, will always be about your highest good, and will always be about helping you move forward, because it is the voice of your SOUL. This is why it can never go wrong. Your ego makes misguided attempts to protect and provide for you through fear tactics, so there’s always a negative voice, meaning, or undertone to it. And because it’s focused on the bad things that can happen, that’s inevitably where it guides you.

4 Ways to Protect Your Energy from Getting Depleted:

  1. Remember and have awareness of a person’s history and their behavioral tactics.
  2. Trust your instincts. If you only focus on what a person says, you will be an easy target for manipulation. It is through your intuition that you will know these lies. When something feels off, trust in that, no matter who that person is.
  3. Decide whether you will speak up or detach.
  4. Consult a professional counselor. There are many times, especially in instances of family and romantic relationships, in which you are too close to see what is going on, yet you know it doesn’t feel good. I can assist you with what to say, how to respond and how to protect your energies in these types of instances. (Just contact me)


One more block that can sneak in while you’re developing your intuition: self-pressure. Stay focused on the process instead of getting caught up in expectations. When you start pressuring yourself, you start blocking yourself. Allowing is key: take another deep breath, just focus on the process, and everything will flow.

Unblock your intuition and have it easier for you to follow:

  • Do a daily soul-centering exercise: Spend one minute at the start of your day to sit quietly, eyes closed, and take a couple of deep breaths to help clear your mind and relax. Imagine breathing down into your center, where you feel your soul resides (it’s important to feel this, not think it). Breathe into your soul, and allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling in the moment. Resolve to maintain that connection throughout the day, then take a deep breath, and continue on with your morning.
  • Log your hunches: Whenever you feel what you think might be an intuition come up during the day, make a note of it and choose whether or not to follow through on it. Keep tabs on results. The more positive results you have from listening to your intuition, the more motivated you’ll be to follow it, and the stronger it will become.
  • Ask for guidance: We can often forget that we can ask our souls and the Divine for help. Have a silent conversation with your intuition. Ask it for its guidance, tell it you’re listening. Be willing to follow.
  • Wear crystals on a daily basis: Amethyst, shiva lingam, blue tiger eye, citrine, moonstone, or jade boosts your intuition and makes it clearer and easier to hear.
  • Pay attention to what you’re feeling: Keep reminding yourself to be mindful, because it’s hard to hear and follow your intuition if you’re on autopilot, rushing around, stressed or worried. Stop, breathe, and tune in to how you’re feeling in this moment. The more you pay attention to yourself and your feelings, the easier it is to connect with your intuition.


3 thoughts on “How to help enhance your intuition & spot manipulation games.

  1. it was good to knw I’m following my intuition but I doubt myself cause others discount my words. I dislike this and so I’m alone alot. I’ve been gaslighted recently and what kept me frm losing it is that I knw myself and how I am with myself. thankyou


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