Trusting & Finding “I AM.”

You are learning to trust yourself. 
This is a step up
and a nice place to arrive to. 
Therefore it is important
that you give yourself time
to acclimate to your new surroundings. 
Your new higher awarenesses
and liberties.
Give yourself ample time and latitude
as you learn to trust yourself. 
 We can learn a lot of things from those who have come before us, such as our own ancestors and even understanding different cultures of all kinds, especially the Native American wisdom. They have far more centuries of experience in North America than the rest of the world, when it comes to living sustainably in it. You should research certain different ways of life, as the ones way before you may speak to your soul and make you live a better, as well as help you realize different tools for a more fulfilling life.

“Yes, I can.”

By Saying this to yourself instead of “No i can’t, It won’t work, This is never going to change…ect.” When you start changing your own thoughts and words into a positive instead of a negative, that’s when you can change your entire outlook in your life instantly! The human natural potential for creation is enormous and within all of us lies a dormant energy waiting to be activated. Our desire to create is rooted within our desire to expand as well. This is an important claim & entitlement that you deserve to have in the life you live everyday. The ego conditioned mind will have you convinced otherwise. That you will continue to rehearse the patterns of it over and over again. Literally if you aren’t aware of it… the ego conditioning will win over and over. In fact, it is counting on it, it feeds off of that type of energy you are giving but as you realize that your natural prodigiousness is now in charge, your Almighty “I AM” presence that it now is here to stay –  well then it goes without saying that “yes, you can!” By reaching within and grabbing that light within you grabbing it and radiating it every single day the unhealthy part of your ego will soon start to transition to a healthier thought form by the negative ego surrendering to your confident “I AM” claimed self. The restlessness we feel within us is because we don’t even know the real cause of our discomfort so we run in circles to find new ways of escapism from pain we have no idea of. What it is about is really not being able to dig deeper into our uniqueness. The standards of living a life that has been laid out by the “society” whatever this society is anyways… but it makes it almost impossible for us to get in touch with the energy within us screaming for expression. In each moment during your life no matter how bad it may seem, you have a opportunity that is being offered to you that you may not be aware of in general which is ok it is actually more common than you would think. The choice is yours & yours alone… It may be challenging at first to realize you CAN just slip your feet in and walk into newly evolved shoes, that you’ve actually had the entire time hidden away.
But indeed,“yes, you can, and YES you will!” By training your ego mind everytime you become more aware of the negative self talk you do to yourself, and switching it right then to a positive, eventually it will become as easy as breathing!
   If you have any doubts about this, just try it out as a mini experiment; if it doesn’t work it, well damn but it won’t hurt you in any way or destroy your life at all just to experiment the positive vocabulary with yourself.
I CHALLENGE you to push yourself to try this!


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