Ever heard of a word called “Magick.”


The world is full of mythological beings. The luck dragons of China. The Thunderbird of the indigenous peoples of North America. The Yeti of the Himalayas. Every world culture has its own mythological type of stories that have been passed into the future generations. It’s an incredible testament to the human imagination. Not only can there be so much diversity, but there are also incredible commonalities between different mythologies, stories, religions, and ways of understanding the world. Our intellectual and mythological heritage as a human race is an incredible testament to the variety and the strength of the human spirit, and how so many peoples and cultures from around the world have struggled to understand themselves through the lens of story, mythology, and otherworldly lore. (Pay attention to the signs and the metaphors <3)


If you want to understand somebody, there’s no better place to look than their shared love-passion in certain types of mythology or the origins of their DNA and culture interests, their ways of understanding the world like asking what personality type they are (Myers-Briggs), their gods, their goddesses—and how that tracks all the way down into culture, into politics, even into food but most importantly their ancestors. Mythology is truly the master key to understanding the world, the world’s cultures and the people who told these stories.

If you want to learn internal Magick…manifestation, you need to begin with the right attitude and heart space purity. Attitude is another way of saying being in the positive frame of mind or clear sight in all areas of your internal self. 

If you listen to the most famous singers, you would find that they are normal one moment and then full of energy, tears, or excitement the next. It impacts the audience in seconds! What does that have to do with manifestation? The answer is that singers are practitioners of emotional manifestation. To Will, yourself to tears is a skill. To move others to tears is a manifestation. To do that, they need to be in the right mental state of concentration and flow of passion.


The detachment of the end-result

What happens when you care about the end result? Most likely it doesn’t end well. It never does. We start thinking about it, then fantasize about it, and then comes the anxiety and doubt… Then about T=two days later, we worry about when it will happen or if it will happen at all. Although we all do it at one point, it is best not to have expectations of your manifestation or you will always be disappointed.

Expectations-Cause-Effect Laws of Karma

 Every Action has a reaction or consequence “We reap what we sow”, The most important lesson involving human conduct and interaction is seen in the Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect.  “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.  Every human thought, word, and deed is a Cause that sets off a wave of energy throughout the universe which in turn creates the effect whether desirable or undesirable.  The law states the effect must to physical manifestation.  This is why good thoughts, words, emotions, and deeds are essential for a better world for the all create good effects.
With every thought of intention, action, and emotion that is transmitted from you, a person sets into motion unseen chain of effects which vibrate from the mental plane through the entire cellular structure of body out into the environment and finally into the Cosmos!  According to the nature of your actions, the Divine omniscient consciousness will assign corresponding effects.  In order to benefit yourself and society as a whole, mankind should use their free will of choice and perform good deeds with the awareness that what they think, act and speak about will affect the entire universe.  The prosperity of life is created by our own deeds in helping others through thoughts and actions. The motion or action will give the appropriate result, according to the divine justice.


Become free of the Outcome. Focus on the present moment!

Detachment doesn’t mean you are cold and withdrawal, it means you forgot it. When you forget, you are really forgetting on a conscious level and leaving the subconscious mind to do the work. Forget your desires. You don’t need it. You are never desperate for it. A bit counter-intuitive but that is the attitude you will need. After your manifestation, don’t try to manifest anymore and you’ll somehow manifest it just all on your own without realizing it.

I Create My Life 

When you have the attitude that you create your life, you take control and take responsibility for everything that happens in your life. You’ll understand how everything is interconnected and we each play a role in our manifestation. It doesn’t matter what happens, it matters what you will do with it. You will have the power, energy, and vibration you need for your manifestation. Coming from the state of power is coming from the state of love. The subtlest use of energy can create the biggest impact. A confident man can grab attention from the entire room as he walks in because they have felt his vibe, his vibration, his energy, his essence of being. That frame of mind opens new doors to new opportunities. With new opportunities, you allow the Universe to manifest what you believe are opening doors. In reality, you create your life!


Your desires are within your reach. You know you have it. You know that it will happen. There is no doubt, only an inner knowingness. If you can’t see it, it will be harder for you to create it. You expect the best and you believe you deserve it even though you don’t have all the answers. It’s because you trust that it will happen. How?

You. Just. Know.



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