Pure love intentions & pure emotional passionate energy healing.

When you shrink down into “small” you shift gravity inside and outside too. You pull forth that which validates your feelings/beliefs in every moment. When you feel yourself “going small”, then you can expand your energy yourself. This will shift the GRAVITATIONAL PULL of energy transmitting out from inside of you.

• GRAVITATIONAL FORCE is used to impact an equal, stronger or weaker energy. As a Universal Higher Self Cosmic BEing of Love, you have the ability to meet/match any ENERGY with the appropriate FORCE NECESSARY to resolve that energy into LOVE.

• Your physical body will change physical-matter-mass constantly and all along the way, as each LightBody phase has a different ratio of how the body is comprised, based upon each’s current Multi-Dimensional Access with their entire physical body-field.

• Weight is different as the ratios of Light, physical density and Space inside dictate how your physical body takes shape and responds to shifting in and out of infinite dimensions that have a different “ratio”/make-up too.

• You will “learn” how to shape physical matter on a Quantum Level as you become Quantum too. This is a part of your Divine Alchemy Abilities and are simple because they are a part of natural order of all here.

• A Unified Existence creates a greater Gravitational Force to affect the re-structuring of realities through the application of higher light intelligence to the physical and how physical matter responds.

• Light is just that. Light. Inspirational, uplifting, expansive, heart opening, exquisite, magical, peaceful, amazing, pure bliss, happiness and unified with all as LOVE. It is SIMPLE, EASY and without a care in the world. REALities are able to align through a continual state of ALLOWING, where what has already happened/been created on a much higher dimensional plane of existence is allowed in this physical to actually occur. Light is BEAUTY, Presence, Divine Essence and Pure. The brilliance available is beyond anything “physical at all”. The Energies of Pure Source and “Home” emerge, envelope, emanate and emit out. You ooze pure Love, which can be FELT by all who connect with your field too. All density is “gone” in this state, which will then show you what is dense/unconscious/heavy/of the old in your own reality, within your own physical body, that is ready to dissolve/be resolved/released and merged back into love within you, so that your body can achieve the vibration to “live” in this “Lighter Density” (Higher Vibrational) REALity all of the time too!

“The Event” is a deep inner personal experience that each “accomplishes” through various Embodiment processes of Pure Source Light. The fact that March became a “Collective Event” Experience available to each open and ready for this, is huge, because of what it means for each and collectively as well. It’s where each no longer “gets sucked in” to the old unconscious ways, can feel the density/gravity of all and doesn’t have to “go back” to Old Earth Realities IF each can maintain FULL CONSCIOUSNESS and HOLD their own Light in every exchange, with every thought, action and where LIGHT fills that SPACE inside for continual expansion to occur. Collectively, this means a huge shift for HUmanity, because the Pure Ones fulfilling multiple roles as Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Frequency Holders, Stabilizers, Light Keepers, Guardians, Ancients/Elders, LeMUrians, Angels, Christed BEings, Sacred Pure Light BEings, Evolved Galactics, StarSeeds, God Particle Aspects, Atlanteans and more are able to Stabilize these energies easier, within their own physical body form, so that each becomes a more pronounced anchor point (and contributor) for our Highest Dimensional NEW Earth Experiences on a grander collective scale than ever before here.

It means that Earth 3 (a “holding station where each transitions to a Cosmic Citizen of our NEW Earth here), opens up to more, where dark matter/light matter/anti-matter play different roles and where “dark matter” can’t “get through”, because it’s visible and actually “shape-able” and transformable by each, because the LIGHT within each is so PURE that it obliterates, dissolves and unifies all that is not yet of the purest form of Love, just through Presence where anything “not pure” becomes visible instantly and is no longer allowed to “play out”. This is where EACH replaces the old programs (and systems) with new ones (Re-Purpose & Re-Form), where new foundations are created and shaped, where REALITIES are BUILT on a whole new foundation that is PURE within itself, without the distortions of unconsciousness anymore. This is where “going back” (unconscious) is no longer an option, because it’s no longer desirable as a way of living/existing, where all realize all is now CHOICE, where duality is visible by each on an Energetic Level, so that the physical can be brought fully into alignment through Purity Consciousness from deep within each’s own SOUL. It’s where separation programs can be observed and resolved/unified SIMPLY and instantly, through a deeply inner-connected sacred Love so pure, that lack of anything within no longer exists at all. This is where the seeker stops seeking and connects so deep inside, that everything else falls away and all becomes PURE SOURCE LIGHT. It’s where the external is observed as an “Energetic Mirror” reflecting BACK what each needs to finally SEE, in order to bring all fully into alignment from deep within each. The beauty is that the “mirror effect” through Event Horizon that each completes, is that each can turn that mirror back outwards THROUGH LOVE for all others to SEE too, while transmitting LIGHT from “the other side” through the VORTEX, from the Heavens, Galaxies, as another Universe (part of our multi-versal existence), alternate dimensions… to SHINE THE LIGHT, BE THE LIGHT AND HOLD THE LIGHT so all others can finally hear, see, feel and REALize all as they are open/ready too. As each embraces fully, on their own, for their own reality to finally shift to a much higher timeline of NEW EARTH together here too…. without the need for anyone to impose anymore, because a NEW RESPECT for each’s own realities replaces the “need” for everyone to have the same reality anymore. This is where each is “allowed” to go their own way and come together (later) as appropriate and in all new ways.

The only reality that’s REAL, are the ones that are completely pure, where the profoundness of Pure Divine Love brings tears of re-connection and Remembering through every galaxy/cosmic cell of our physical forms, so that every particle of our body is activated to finally REMEMBER too. Once the whole body LIGHTS UP and all can be FELT fully throughout, then each can fully under/inner-stand and start to “take their place” at the helm in order to UNITE through Divine Pure Essence, in order to fulfill much higher purposes together here.

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