Pineal Gland & The Heart (Sri Yantra)


The famed psychic Edgar Cayce once said, “Keep the pineal gland operating and you won’t grow old – you will always be young.” Why? The truth may surprise you. The pineal gland is an endocrine gland located at the very center of your cranium. On a physiological level, it is activated by light and works with your hypothalamus gland to regulate your hunger, thirst, sex drive and biological clock (which explains Mr. Cayce’s quote). The pineal gland also regulates some of your body’s most important chemicals… including the “happy chemical” serotonin and the free radical-busting antioxidant melatonin (which also regulates your sleep patterns).It’s clear that this organ plays a crucial role in your physiological well being… but where it gets even more fascinating is the role it plays in your spiritual evolution!  The problem is this: our modern lifestyles… consumption of spirit-crushing chemicals… and a lack of proper education… has left our pineal glands atrophied, dormant, calcified and oppressed to the point of uselessness.

Here are some fascinating facts about this Little-Gland-That-Could:

* The pineal gland is formed at 49 days within the human embryo: the same time that Tibetans believe it takes for a soul to reincarnate. And the same amount of days that the human embryo becomes either male or female. Hmmm…

* In the ancient Vedic energy system of the chakras, the pineal gland is referred to as the ‘Ajna’ or ‘3rd Eye’ chakra. Modern studies reveal that the gland’s watery interior contains rods and cones – just like those found in the retina of your eyes! That’s right, your ‘3rd eye’ has a structure remarkably similar to your two physical ones. This is why when you visualize something strongly enough, you can literally see it “in your mind’s eye.”

* Studies show your pineal gland secretes a substance called Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which you may be familiar with as a hallucinatory substance found in the South American shamanic brew called Ayahuasca. The interesting thing about DMT is that it causes experiences which can take you well beyond common states of awareness. This is perhaps why the pineal gland is known in many cultures as the ‘Seat of the Soul’, the ‘Gateway to the Universe’, the ‘Mind’s Eye’ and the ‘Doorway to Higher Realms’.

* Your pineal gland is also important to your physical and mental health, and its well-being has been linked to memory, creativity, intuition and critical thinking skills. It is also sensitive to light and plays an important role in your sleep and waking cycles. When light strikes the retina of your eyes, it travels through a tiny nerve system and into the gland. When the light goes off – like at night – it sends a signal to the pineal to begin secreting melatonin, which activates your nervous system to go into sleep mode.


This tiny organ is vital for awakening your superhuman, reality-bending powers.

The characteristics of your pineal gland make it the strongest candidate for being that elusive point that connects your physical form to your infinite consciousness. The being that you know as ‘YOU’, is, therefore, a bridge between the tangible, physical world you can see, smell, touch and hear… and the unseen world of collective consciousness: the source of infinite creativity, intuition, energy, and connection. The pineal gland assists the body in orienting in space by acting as a navigational center this magnet or receptive capacity also explains why Geomagnetic Storms and Environmental stress can affect the pineal gland leading to problems with circadian rhythms and the Latin in secretion rhythms and the Latin in secretion the heart generates a strong electromagnetic field that permeates the whole body. When the Heart is activated by the high frequencies of love and compassion its electromagnetic field is amplified and expanded the pineal glands sensitivity to electromagnetic energy causes it to begin vibrating and activating in concert with the heart as these two organs and train together their high vibration opens the to greater inspiration, intuition, and inner vision. Because of the pineal glands with spatial orientation and circadian rhythms our perception of space and time often shifts when the pineal is in a highly aroused state. Such experiences have been mentioned by meditators for ages!

Another incredible way of stimulating the pineal gland is the uplifting and healing power of the THIRD EYE KISS… if you have ever kissed someone on the forehead then you will know how interestingly intense it is you would be amazed by how something so simple can be so deep. A kiss on the third eye it is much deeper than most people realize it is like kissing the person’s soul. Other people do not usually touch our foreheads we have our hands held and so forth but our foreheads are just different! When the lips meet the forehead we get of awakening being brought from within a kiss will stimulate the pineal gland as well as the pituitary gland. The result is releasing the melatonin. Melatonin is actually what helps us get a good night sleep so essentially a goodnight kiss on the forehead might be benefitting in some more ways than you can realize  the third eye kiss will bring out a sense of security as well as well-being if you feel a bit skeptical try it with a close friend and family or with your partner! Allow the divine touch to soothe them and soothe you to the more than you do this the more you will notice the results the third eye kiss is a very uplifting experience.

-Casey Winston Ellis

5 thoughts on “Pineal Gland & The Heart (Sri Yantra)

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  2. I need your opinion im probaby on of the many people who say theve received the knowledge but i love your roots and My name JUSTIN born May 11th 1993

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  3. Very interesting. I didn’t know that the pituitary gland also had cones and rods like our eyes. Also I’ve always felt that kissing the 3rd eye (forehead) and touching 3rd eyes together is an extremely personal and intimate action from which you can feel a certain calming energy and closeness that isn’t experienced from other forms of contact. Nice. Good read.

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