About me; What I have to offer.


I do freelance work for people in need of help because I never had any help I was born different, with abilities and gifts I couldn’t understand or know how to deal with. I could


see the energy in front of me (clairvoyant & I could see spirits, I had to learn to cope and protect my energy all on my own since I was about 4 years old… I self-taught myself everything I know today. The main reason being was because I felt so alone and different, I couldn’t figure out why so I started doing research which ended up learning everything about basically everything that I needed to know about me within, I had to re-teach myself how to love myself on the inside and outside fully. I started doing spiritual mentoring and guidance but I don’t give the person any answers, just how to find the answers they want to know inside themselves & with their spirit guides to help.

[If you have any questions, please email me or contact me via facebook]

3 thoughts on “About me; What I have to offer.

  1. Wonderful…you are one of the ascension midwives…a rare gift you are…and I admire your perceptual/intellectual clarity, your freedom from identification with temporal earth. I trust I may be sufficiently PRESENT to receive some of the quality of the vibration of clarity you represent!

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